QMinim Terms and Conditions

Important: please read before registring:

  1. Registration to QMinim service means complete agreement with this end-user agreement
  2. Usage of QMinim is restricted only for clinical trials. It should not be used for business and profit purposes.
  3. QMinim is provided 'As Is'. The develpoer and the owner are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by right or wrong use of this service.
  4. I as the end-user agree to register for only one time and do not share my account information with others (except for multi-center trials with permission of admin).
  5. Due to resource limitation there are some restriction on the usage of QMinim as follows:
    1. Samle size are limited to at most 200 subjects
    2. A total of 6 treatments
    3. At most 10 prognostic factor, each with a maximum of 6 levels
    4. Maximum length for names of treatments, factors and factor levels is 20 charactors
    5. Maximum number of concurrent trials (dataset) is limited to 3 trial(s)
    6. Data files for each user is maintained secretly in a place in the server, though we are not responsible for any possible loss of data. Yor are responsible for making frequent backup copyies of your data file to make restoring data possible.
  6. Change of account information, including username or email changes or account deletion is not possible directly. Users must contact admin for such changes
  7. IP adress of registrants will be saved for security purpose.
  8. Registrants' information will be saved confidentialy and will not be shared with any third party organisations.
  9. Violation of this agreement will cause immediate termination of service. The user may be banned from future access to the service.